Thursday, January 31, 2013

from the Admiral's Log:about Armada, Steelhead and the new ship of the line

This world of ours never stops to amaze me. I thought that with the burning of Armada all was over for that region and yet here we have a surprise. I got a report from the Star of Alurel, that briefly anchored in Steelhead, during her recent cruise in the waters separating elven lands from Steamlands. The report claims that a major Tsunami, powerful enough to displace sims, has caused to rip away the sim that used to be Armada, and brought it to crash against Steelhead, making it a part of this region. No other major damages were assessed, so I guess all is well.

On a different subject, the name for the new ship of the line has been decided at last:  she will be the Star of the Dawn

She will be assigned to the third Battleship Division and temporarily detached to support Special Ops in mainland waters. In the next days the new fleet organization will be released with the new structure and unit assignments.

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