Friday, January 17, 2014

New Orders

Given the latest intelligence report that give a somehow more relaxed view of the situation, the Admiralty has issued new orders:

  • The High Seas Squadron will step down from alert status. The squadron will keep sailing in direction of Winterfell for the moment but must be ready to invert course and go back to its designated area of operations
  • The Second Battleship Division will maintain the position south of the gate for another day, and then it will retreat to its harbor, leaving a single ship patrolling the area for a few more days
  • The Fourth Battleships Division will step down from full alert and will continue its cruise. The division will bee soon replaced in its patrolling activities 
  • The Ironclads will keep protecting the Armiralty and Trikassi areas in South Winterfell

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

from the Admiral Office - Top Priority

After the recent threats to Winterfell these orders are issued for immediate execution:

  • the second battleship division will deploy South of the Nepenthe Gate 
  • the fourth battleship division will not return to port but will maintain its current position off-shore the southern coast of Caledon
  • The High Seas Squadron (Third Battleship Division, Second Escort Division and Second Schooner Division) will depart immediately the winter harbors in the Blake Sea and Nautilus and head back to Winterfell at maximum speed
  • The Frigate Division and the Light Escort Division (Mainland Squadron) will maintain position west of Bay City and will maintain readiness to be recalled with short notice
  • The Main Docks must accelerate the production of the new ships. The fifth battleship division and the second frigate division must be operational no later than the end of February
  • The reserve docks must start to work on the refitting the ships of the first battleship division 
  • The ironclad squadron must be ready for redeployment with short notice
  • Special Ops division will operate independently - orders will be issued separately