Thursday, January 31, 2013

from the Admiral's Log:about Armada, Steelhead and the new ship of the line

This world of ours never stops to amaze me. I thought that with the burning of Armada all was over for that region and yet here we have a surprise. I got a report from the Star of Alurel, that briefly anchored in Steelhead, during her recent cruise in the waters separating elven lands from Steamlands. The report claims that a major Tsunami, powerful enough to displace sims, has caused to rip away the sim that used to be Armada, and brought it to crash against Steelhead, making it a part of this region. No other major damages were assessed, so I guess all is well.

On a different subject, the name for the new ship of the line has been decided at last:  she will be the Star of the Dawn

She will be assigned to the third Battleship Division and temporarily detached to support Special Ops in mainland waters. In the next days the new fleet organization will be released with the new structure and unit assignments.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

from the Chief of Naval Intelligence

From: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, sailing on board the Shooting Star off shore the coast of Bay City
To: Wild Fleet Headquarters, Admiralty Island, Winterfell Eventide

Naval Intelligence Report

All looked quiet for the past weeks along the coast of the mainland continents. The Shooting Star continued its patrolling cruising between the Atoll and Samsara and all the communication lines are open and safe.

The Running Star continued to sail in the Nautilus area and all is quiet there as well. During the recent cruise of the Battle Star in the Blake Sea we were able to get confirmation of the new base of operation of the Scoudrels in the Blake Sim. We all regret the loss of Armada, but it looks like that they have been able to fall back to a safe area. Images have been dispatches to Fleet HQ through the usual channels.

The Running Star also supported the test cruise of the new ship of the line. We all look forward to know her new name and to have her here in support to the Special Ops in the next weeks.

Agent C reports nothing significant from his area inland as does Agent L.

Lady W continues her travelling across the Southern continent. She has left her base at Sternsberg several weeks ago by now and she is now charting the north eastern arm of the continent.

Nothing new concerning the mad scientist targeting non-humans in Winterfell. The tracks are all cold at the moment. I still suggest to send the tiny to a safer location. I understand he still dislikes to sail but the alternatives might not be pleasant.

This is it for now

With my compliments

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Commanding Officer
Special Ops


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

from the archives : the battle for the Isle of Skye

The battle for the Isle of Skye is by far the biggest naval action ever fought in Winterfell waters. It was fought in the Summer of 2011 and took a heavy toll on the fleet. It is worth to remember those events. here is the official report that was released after a couple of days :

Battle for the Isle of Skye

All hands got up early on Saturday morning. We knew the Vulgarian fleet was close and all the reports were pointing towards Saturday as the day of the clash.

The fleet was deployed NE of the Isle of Skye with all the water of Libris and Undertow to give us a good maneuverability. The most probable direction of approach of the Vulgarians was from the north, along the eastern coast of Harbour. If so we would be ready to welcome them.

The Battle Star, the Ghost Star, the Star Burst and the Discovery Star made the bulk of the task force. Later Miss Serra reinforced us with her Twilight Rose. The Star of Winter and the Star of Summer operated independently, away from the main force ready to intervene if necessary.

Lady Eva had her ground forces assembled in her castle and her batteries were ready to cover the sea below. Overall we felt rather ready.

Despite that it was a messy affair: the Vulgarian humbugged us! They fainted a descent along the eastern coast of Harbor, as we expected, and we moved to face them. However it was just a deception. While we got ready to intercept, the Vulgarian fleet came down the Harbour canal and took us in the rear of the formation.

The Star of Winter did what she could to delay the enemy actions but found herself under the fire of the entire enemy fleet. In minutes she was badly damaged and partially sunk.

Soon the rest of the fleet started to take hits while still maneuvering to be able to return fire.

Despite the surprise, our deployment still proved to be strategically superior: we were keeping the gate to open waters and the Vulgarians were constrained in the narrows, unable to fully exploit the their firepower else hit each other.

Lady Eva started to hammer the ships from her battlements, despite being in turn under the fire of a Vulgarian airship. We started to return fire as well. The exchanges were ferocious. Each ship on either side took damage and soon fire was visible on every deck.

The Ghost Star was hit badly and soon started to lean on one side.

The Vulgarians tried to force their way into the eastern waters but we were able to force them back. Now we had the advantage. Their only way out was to retreat and give way to our pursuit.

A consulate airship materialized to even the chances on the sky. The vulgarian airship had to back off and Lady Eva boarded the friendly airship to have herself dropped on the enemy flagship, while a boarding party down from the slopes of the isle approached the enemy ships aboard a gunboat. We decided to support this action and pierce deep into the enemy formation. The Battle Star moved to ram into the Vulgarian flagship, while the Discovery Star followed to support her. An enemy broadside wiped the Discovery Star from the sea. She disappeared from the fight, missing and probably sunk. Captain Baldr is still missing. Despite the fire the Battle Star was able to gain speed and she rammed hard into the side if the enemy flagship, loosing all her masts because of the violence of the impact.

By now all the ships were constrained into a small space and the boarding parties were able to jump from deck to deck as one single battlefield.

It was all swords and musketfire by then. The fight was long and bloody, but by now it was clear that the battle was won. Despite our losses the Vulgarian fleet was shattered and no longer able to operate as a fighting unit. We had the control of the deck of their flagship and the other ships were either sunk or on fire.

The few ships still seaworthy tried to brake free and gain once again the northern waters to disengage. The Star of Summer and the Star Burst pursued them, sinking one before having to give up because of the heavy damages on the Star of Summer.

It was over. The butcher's tally was heavy but we had won. The Vulgarian were no longer a serious threat.

The official damage report for the Wild Fleet counted :

  • Discovery Star wiped out by a broadside, missing, possibly sunk - Baldr Wingtips - the ship commanding officer - missing 
  • Star of Winter heavily damaged, partially sunk 
  • Star of Summer damaged 
  • Battle Star dismasted and damaged when ramming the enemy flagship 
  • Ghost Star damaged

After several days afloat Captain Baldr Wingtips was rescued, but has been unfit to set foot on a deck since the battle. Most of the ships had to stay in a dry dock for months to have the damage repaired. The Battle Star, that was the flagship during the action has been able to go back to sea more than one year after the battle.

The long term effects of the battle however, saw the fleet grow in size and strength, with the commissioning of several ships of the line, frigates and smaller escort vessels. 

from the Admiral's Log ...

Admiralty Island, January the 29th 2013

the new ship of the line has been delivered by the shipyards and the first tests on sea have been very successful. She's a beauty and a powerful lady, even if a bit difficult to turn. She must have a pretty good speed before turning into the wind otherwise it is very easy to end up "in irons".

the New SSS Hercules by Evva Viper at the Temple of Neptune 

She still needs a name and to be assigned to a squadron. The most natural choice would be to assign it to the third battleship division. It would be a perfect sister ship to the Star of Winterfell and the division would offer quite a formidable line of battle. On the other end, assigning a fifth capital ship to the third battleship division would make the division quite unbalanced, given that both the first and second division have two ships each (and the construction of Star of Spring is still month away). Might be a good opportunity to restructure the organization of the capital ships, even considering that retiring and moving the Star of Christmas into reserve is by now overdue.

For what concerns the name, no good ideas yet, but it must decided soon. The ship is already committed to a cruise to support the special ops division in the coming weeks, so must be made fully operational.

Concerning Special Ops, I am waiting for the new report from Fleet Intelligence. So much is going on and we still know so little. The recent loss of Armada has been painful, even if it is good that the Scoundrels have been able to fall back to a new base in the Blake sims. 

We will see what the future holds for us.

Monday, January 28, 2013

from the Wild Fleet Headquarters

From: Fleet Headquarters - Admiralty Island - Winterfell Eventide
To : the entire Wild Fleet

Effective Immediately

A new information page will be created in order to make available all the information concerning the fleet status and activities.
The page can be reached at

Posting of classified information require the clearance of the chief of naval intelligence


VADM Wildstar Beaumont
Admiralty Island - Winterfell Eventide