Wednesday, January 30, 2013

from the Chief of Naval Intelligence

From: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, sailing on board the Shooting Star off shore the coast of Bay City
To: Wild Fleet Headquarters, Admiralty Island, Winterfell Eventide

Naval Intelligence Report

All looked quiet for the past weeks along the coast of the mainland continents. The Shooting Star continued its patrolling cruising between the Atoll and Samsara and all the communication lines are open and safe.

The Running Star continued to sail in the Nautilus area and all is quiet there as well. During the recent cruise of the Battle Star in the Blake Sea we were able to get confirmation of the new base of operation of the Scoudrels in the Blake Sim. We all regret the loss of Armada, but it looks like that they have been able to fall back to a safe area. Images have been dispatches to Fleet HQ through the usual channels.

The Running Star also supported the test cruise of the new ship of the line. We all look forward to know her new name and to have her here in support to the Special Ops in the next weeks.

Agent C reports nothing significant from his area inland as does Agent L.

Lady W continues her travelling across the Southern continent. She has left her base at Sternsberg several weeks ago by now and she is now charting the north eastern arm of the continent.

Nothing new concerning the mad scientist targeting non-humans in Winterfell. The tracks are all cold at the moment. I still suggest to send the tiny to a safer location. I understand he still dislikes to sail but the alternatives might not be pleasant.

This is it for now

With my compliments

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Commanding Officer
Special Ops


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