Tuesday, January 29, 2013

from the Admiral's Log ...

Admiralty Island, January the 29th 2013

the new ship of the line has been delivered by the shipyards and the first tests on sea have been very successful. She's a beauty and a powerful lady, even if a bit difficult to turn. She must have a pretty good speed before turning into the wind otherwise it is very easy to end up "in irons".

the New SSS Hercules by Evva Viper at the Temple of Neptune 

She still needs a name and to be assigned to a squadron. The most natural choice would be to assign it to the third battleship division. It would be a perfect sister ship to the Star of Winterfell and the division would offer quite a formidable line of battle. On the other end, assigning a fifth capital ship to the third battleship division would make the division quite unbalanced, given that both the first and second division have two ships each (and the construction of Star of Spring is still month away). Might be a good opportunity to restructure the organization of the capital ships, even considering that retiring and moving the Star of Christmas into reserve is by now overdue.

For what concerns the name, no good ideas yet, but it must decided soon. The ship is already committed to a cruise to support the special ops division in the coming weeks, so must be made fully operational.

Concerning Special Ops, I am waiting for the new report from Fleet Intelligence. So much is going on and we still know so little. The recent loss of Armada has been painful, even if it is good that the Scoundrels have been able to fall back to a new base in the Blake sims. 

We will see what the future holds for us.

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