Thursday, December 5, 2013

An update from the Chief of Operations

As we enter the Winter, this is the current state of the Wild Fleet :

  • the Second Battleships Division and the First Escort Division are currently docked in their home port of Winterfell Eventide. Their main duty is to patrol and  protect the home waters and they will continue to perform this task until further notice
  • the fourth battleship division is currently cruising in Southern Caledon and will be back into Winterfell waters to grant the crews their shore leave, before the holidays.
  • The High Seas Squadron (Third Battleship Division,  Second Escort Division and Second Schooner Division) is currently sailing south of Nautilus City. No operations are planned before the end of the year. The three division will split up and will reach friendly harbors to celebrate the holidays, with the exception of the Grand Star and the Hunting Star that will provide the necessary patrols during the Christmas Days. They will be replaced in this duty by the Black Star and the Star of Twilight before New Year's Eve.
  • The First Frigate Division - after closing the advanced base in Alurel, is now sailing toward Bay City where it is expected to dock in a couple of days. The division will take sea again after the holidays heading to Winterfell. The Bright Star and the Star of Alurel will alternate on patrol duty.
  • the Light Escort Division is sailing from the Atoll to Bay City where will join the First Frigate Division . It will escort it back to Winterfell after the holidays
  • The special ops division is currently engaged in operations in the Southern Continent

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