Monday, August 5, 2013

Wild Fleet Order of Battle

From: Wild Fleet Headquarter, Admiralty Island, Winterfell Eventide

Here is the order of Battle of the Wild Fleet valid through the rest of the yaar, or until further notice

Home Squadron

Home Port: Winterfell Eventide

  • First Battleship Division (in Reserve - non active duty) 
    • Star of Christmas 
  • Second Battleship Division 
    • Star of Winter 
    • Star of Summer (squadron flagship) 
    • Star of Spring 
  • First Escort Division 
    • Starburst (division flagship) 
    • Young Star 
    • Starblast (to be commissioned) 
  • Fourth (Light) Battleship Division 
    • Fighting Star 
    • Exploring Star 
    • Ghost Star 

High Seas Squadron

Home Port: Advanced base in the North of Nautilus
  • Third Battleship Division 
    • Star of Winterfell (fleet Flagship) 
    • Star of the Dawn 
    • Grand Star 
    • Black Star 
  • Fifth Battleship Division (to be activated) 
  • Second (Fast) Escort Division 
    • Hunting Star (division flagship) 
    • Shining Star 
    • Star of Twilight 
    • the Hit Star 
  • Second Light (Schooner) Division 
    • Sailing Star (division flagship) 
    • the Windy Star 
    • Raising Star 

Mainland Squadron

Home Port: Bases in the Atoll, Samsara and the Southern Continent
  • (First) Frigate Division 
    • Battle Star (Squadron Flagship) 
    • Star of Alurel 
    • Bright Star 
  • Second Frigate Division (to be activated) 
  • First Light (Sloop and Schooner) Division 
    • Flying Star (division flagship) 
    • Rolling Star (Baltimore Schooner) 
  • Third Escort Division 
  • Special Ops Division 
    • Running Star 
    • Shooting Star (division flagship) 

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