Monday, February 4, 2013

from the Admiral's Log: planning of getting new ships


The new fleet organization clearly shows the need for some reinforcements. Now the fleet is much bigger than it used to be and, should events like the sabotage of the end of 2010 or a major engagement like the Battle of the Isle of Skye reoccur, we would no longer be left with just a few ships operational for extended periods of time.
Yet the bulk of the Home Squadron is still based on old, although powerful, ships, slow and with limited mobility. They can be still good to protect the home waters but it would be nearly impossible to dispatch them away should the need arise. The light battleship division has more mobility, but they are still rather old ships and they can't compete against the more recent vessels.
The third battleship division is a formidable formation and its line of battle can challenge any opponents. Supported by the second escort division , they make the High Seas Squadron Highly reliable for today's standards. If this is enough to be up to the challenge of the future it is still to be seen.
The Mainland Squadron is built around the first frigate division. It is adequate for the current objective of the squadron, yet it engages all the frigate class vessels and it  would be preferred to have also a frigate division available to support the ships of the line of the Home and High Seas Squadrons.

We need therefore to start planning at lest two new ships of the line and two new frigates, plus a number of smaller vessels, in order to be able to give more flexibility to the different formations and be able to exchange ships and divisions among squadrons should the need arise.

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