Friday, January 17, 2014

New Orders

Given the latest intelligence report that give a somehow more relaxed view of the situation, the Admiralty has issued new orders:

  • The High Seas Squadron will step down from alert status. The squadron will keep sailing in direction of Winterfell for the moment but must be ready to invert course and go back to its designated area of operations
  • The Second Battleship Division will maintain the position south of the gate for another day, and then it will retreat to its harbor, leaving a single ship patrolling the area for a few more days
  • The Fourth Battleships Division will step down from full alert and will continue its cruise. The division will bee soon replaced in its patrolling activities 
  • The Ironclads will keep protecting the Armiralty and Trikassi areas in South Winterfell

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

from the Admiral Office - Top Priority

After the recent threats to Winterfell these orders are issued for immediate execution:

  • the second battleship division will deploy South of the Nepenthe Gate 
  • the fourth battleship division will not return to port but will maintain its current position off-shore the southern coast of Caledon
  • The High Seas Squadron (Third Battleship Division, Second Escort Division and Second Schooner Division) will depart immediately the winter harbors in the Blake Sea and Nautilus and head back to Winterfell at maximum speed
  • The Frigate Division and the Light Escort Division (Mainland Squadron) will maintain position west of Bay City and will maintain readiness to be recalled with short notice
  • The Main Docks must accelerate the production of the new ships. The fifth battleship division and the second frigate division must be operational no later than the end of February
  • The reserve docks must start to work on the refitting the ships of the first battleship division 
  • The ironclad squadron must be ready for redeployment with short notice
  • Special Ops division will operate independently - orders will be issued separately

Thursday, December 5, 2013

An update from the Chief of Operations

As we enter the Winter, this is the current state of the Wild Fleet :

  • the Second Battleships Division and the First Escort Division are currently docked in their home port of Winterfell Eventide. Their main duty is to patrol and  protect the home waters and they will continue to perform this task until further notice
  • the fourth battleship division is currently cruising in Southern Caledon and will be back into Winterfell waters to grant the crews their shore leave, before the holidays.
  • The High Seas Squadron (Third Battleship Division,  Second Escort Division and Second Schooner Division) is currently sailing south of Nautilus City. No operations are planned before the end of the year. The three division will split up and will reach friendly harbors to celebrate the holidays, with the exception of the Grand Star and the Hunting Star that will provide the necessary patrols during the Christmas Days. They will be replaced in this duty by the Black Star and the Star of Twilight before New Year's Eve.
  • The First Frigate Division - after closing the advanced base in Alurel, is now sailing toward Bay City where it is expected to dock in a couple of days. The division will take sea again after the holidays heading to Winterfell. The Bright Star and the Star of Alurel will alternate on patrol duty.
  • the Light Escort Division is sailing from the Atoll to Bay City where will join the First Frigate Division . It will escort it back to Winterfell after the holidays
  • The special ops division is currently engaged in operations in the Southern Continent

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wild Fleet Order of Battle

From: Wild Fleet Headquarter, Admiralty Island, Winterfell Eventide

Here is the order of Battle of the Wild Fleet valid through the rest of the yaar, or until further notice

Home Squadron

Home Port: Winterfell Eventide

  • First Battleship Division (in Reserve - non active duty) 
    • Star of Christmas 
  • Second Battleship Division 
    • Star of Winter 
    • Star of Summer (squadron flagship) 
    • Star of Spring 
  • First Escort Division 
    • Starburst (division flagship) 
    • Young Star 
    • Starblast (to be commissioned) 
  • Fourth (Light) Battleship Division 
    • Fighting Star 
    • Exploring Star 
    • Ghost Star 

High Seas Squadron

Home Port: Advanced base in the North of Nautilus
  • Third Battleship Division 
    • Star of Winterfell (fleet Flagship) 
    • Star of the Dawn 
    • Grand Star 
    • Black Star 
  • Fifth Battleship Division (to be activated) 
  • Second (Fast) Escort Division 
    • Hunting Star (division flagship) 
    • Shining Star 
    • Star of Twilight 
    • the Hit Star 
  • Second Light (Schooner) Division 
    • Sailing Star (division flagship) 
    • the Windy Star 
    • Raising Star 

Mainland Squadron

Home Port: Bases in the Atoll, Samsara and the Southern Continent
  • (First) Frigate Division 
    • Battle Star (Squadron Flagship) 
    • Star of Alurel 
    • Bright Star 
  • Second Frigate Division (to be activated) 
  • First Light (Sloop and Schooner) Division 
    • Flying Star (division flagship) 
    • Rolling Star (Baltimore Schooner) 
  • Third Escort Division 
  • Special Ops Division 
    • Running Star 
    • Shooting Star (division flagship) 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

from the Chief of Naval Intelligence: Antiquity Raiding Fair Winds

from the Chief of Naval Intelligence, aboard the Shooting Star on the way from the Atoll to Fair Winds

Flash dispatch  - MAXIMUM Priority

We have received information about a planned attack of Antiquity Naval Forces in Fair Winds waters.
It looks like attack is planned for next Saturday

Operatives dispatched in Antiquity and Fair Winds to gather more information. Sailing to Fair Winds at maximum speed.

Further messages will follow.

Monday, February 4, 2013

from the Admiral's Log: planning of getting new ships


The new fleet organization clearly shows the need for some reinforcements. Now the fleet is much bigger than it used to be and, should events like the sabotage of the end of 2010 or a major engagement like the Battle of the Isle of Skye reoccur, we would no longer be left with just a few ships operational for extended periods of time.
Yet the bulk of the Home Squadron is still based on old, although powerful, ships, slow and with limited mobility. They can be still good to protect the home waters but it would be nearly impossible to dispatch them away should the need arise. The light battleship division has more mobility, but they are still rather old ships and they can't compete against the more recent vessels.
The third battleship division is a formidable formation and its line of battle can challenge any opponents. Supported by the second escort division , they make the High Seas Squadron Highly reliable for today's standards. If this is enough to be up to the challenge of the future it is still to be seen.
The Mainland Squadron is built around the first frigate division. It is adequate for the current objective of the squadron, yet it engages all the frigate class vessels and it  would be preferred to have also a frigate division available to support the ships of the line of the Home and High Seas Squadrons.

We need therefore to start planning at lest two new ships of the line and two new frigates, plus a number of smaller vessels, in order to be able to give more flexibility to the different formations and be able to exchange ships and divisions among squadrons should the need arise.